When the "Golden bridge" rolled in through the Stockholm archipelago, this man brought his ballet binoculars from the soviet to watch.

Lisbeth Sachs, social anthropologist and writer.

Karin and Bengt Reimers have only met with a glass window between them until now when restrictions were lifted.

Zabine, 15, was diagnosed with ADD. Her teachers early told her that she was lazy and uninterested, she says her brain simply doesn't cooperate. 

Graduation day, 2022.

Surgical specialist Jennie Engstrand takes a call while checking-in on an operation.

Together with a reporter we spent 16 hours at the Danderyd emergency ward, to give an insight into the hectic and often overworked lives of the health care workers. We followed surgical specialist Jennie Engstrand who was supervising the night shift. The shift starts at 3 PM, and spanning 16 hours until next morning at 8AM. Wielding three phones, she didn't have time to tell her kids good night. 

One of the night's operations, at 4 AM in the morning.

At around 7 AM, Jennie was able to get an hour of rest until the next shift begins and she can go home.

Greta Thunberg outside the Swedish parliament on the first day of her climate strike. I was just passing by and was intrigued by the oddness of her action, so was Gustaf Fridolin, then party leader for the green party in Sweden.

Moderate party leader Ulf Kristersson at two separate occasions.

Beate Grimsrud, norwegian author.

Beate released her last novel "Jag föreslår att vi vaknar" in 2020, before passing away in July the same year.

Johan Hellström, chief instructor at Umeå parachuting club, at the club the day after the plane crash where nine people tragically died. Johan was on a trip to Slovenia where he was parachuting when he received the message. He hurried back home to mourn his friends and colleagues.

Jaenette Gustafsdotter, culture minister.

Desirée Jaks, Alexandra Zazzi, Florencia Abella. After a case of sexual misconduct at restaurant "Operakällaren" in Stockholm, 65 female chefs united to try and bring change to the restaurant business from within.

Survey, what are you doing during midsummer?

Robert, a lawyer in Detroit, casually waiting outside a building.

An old Volvo in Corktown, Detroit.

A frozen fountain on Belle Isle, a small island on the Detroit river between Detroit and Windsor, Canada.

Alex Schulman, writer and podcaster, at his most frequented restaurant Brillo in Stockholm.


Nanna Bjarman Sveinsdóttirs was diagnosed with the rare Ehlers-Danlos syndrom (EDS) as well as two other serious illnesses. From not knowing what was wrong with her, a struggle began where she would have to learn about her diagnoses that even the doctors lacked knowledge of. 

Her dog Samba and playing the piano are two important parts of her life now.

Marika Lagercrantz.

Henriette was being stalked by her father and is now living in secrecy to protect herself and her child.

Bård Ericson, musician.

Eínar, most played artist on Spotify in Sweden in 2020.

Vilmer Bäckman is essentially blind but doesn't  qualify for  mobility service  according to the Stockholm municipality. According to them he can move around as is without too much difficulty.

Thea and Karin just finished school and waiting for a friend outside a local store.


Livia Millhagen, actress.


Carl-Göran Ekerwald, author.


Summer in Älvdalen.

Boy on Södermalm, Stockholm.

Spånga, Sweden.


Ebba Busch, leader for the Christian Democrats in Sweden.

Andres Lokko, journalist.


Rufus Wainwright, musician and composer. Posing for an article about his opera "Prima Donna" that premiered at the Royal Opera in Stockholm.



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