Detroit: Resurgent Cineribus

For over 200 years, Detroit has fluctuated between light and dark. In 1805 the entire city was engulfed in flames, but the population of six hundred refused to abandon their town. The Detroit city motto was written right then and there: Speramus meliora; resurgent cineribus- We hope for better things; it shall rise from the ashes.

During the first half of the 20th century, Detroit became the largest car manufacturer in the US. The city’s dependence on one major industry, alongside escalating racial tensions, contributed to the swift decline of Detroit. In 2014 the city was able to overcome bankruptcy. Although the road ahead is long and fragile, Detroit will, once again, rise from the ashes.



Eie and Kerstin lived together for 40 years in a house in Jakobsberg, Stockholm. They then moved to an apartment, soon thereafter Kerstin grew ill and passed away in the fall of 2016. Eie now lives alone in the apartment with five rooms, where two lives are compressed into one. Surrounded by memories, finding new purpose in your everyday live with a troubled heart wears on your fortitude, still life has to slowly move on.


My friends and I lived on this island called Biskops Arnö outside of Stockholm, Sweden, for about a year while studying photography. It's a tiny little island that consists of a few residents, some farmland and mostly students. The photos are all from one evening close to our summer holidays at the end of our second year, we would not be coming back to the island to study again. 


Demonstration AFS (Alternative For Sweden)

During a demonstration by the right wing nationalist party, Alternative For Sweden, these (mostly) young people organized an anti-demonstration to show their presence and send the message that their politics are not to be tolerated.

Living Notebook

As many times as it has been said, photography can often act as a way to remember things, big and small. I sometimes find myself forgetting things that have happened the past days, this is my diary where I store my memories.

Hunting season

In Sweden there are two types of people hunting, the “city-hunter” who comfortably leaves the bigger city to go up north for the weekend and shoot moose, maybe bring home some meet too. Then there are the villagers, the people who live by the forest, the people who have been hunters since they were six years old when they accompanied their dad into the forest. Often they do it only because they have to, if they didn’t control the animal count they would escalate and cause car accidents on the roads, predatory animals would increase exponentially and crops would be destroyed.